Art has no stake in the structure of things, it cuts across them

It has nothing to do with 'interest' for it does not contain particularity

Rather, art is the intimate — yet impersonal — production of a truth addressed to everyone

It takes the form of an unwavering fidelity — a fidelity to an idea — but its actualization necessarily exceeds it

The thought of art stems from a fundamental displacement — it is an exposition, a detonation and a fissure all in one

It does not produce the profound distance of contemplation, rather it resides in the totally proximal, such as a lovers' blind embrace

At the point of this unbearable contradiction, there is no time for considering limits — we are cast into infinitude

The purpose of art is to render visible that which for the state does not exist

We do not wish to redeem the waste of our society but to offer that waste as a form of thought that overwhelms the situation

One task of art is the wresting of a common from the museumification of the world — we must profane that which is sacred.

It is an injuncture, a radical hypothesis for thought and work: to transform what has had happened as incomplete, but to leave open the possibility of what never was.

Our struggle is the procurement of impossibilities

The artist is not one but multiple

Unlimited human strike



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